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Fuel Surcharge

The Radiant Wheels Customer Highway Fuel Surcharge Policy is based on the previous month’s average of the FCA (Freight Carriers Association of Canada) Truck Load Index. Which is compiled at end of the last Thursday of the month for the next month. Calculation as follows, Average of the TL% value of FCA during the weeks of the previous Month, TL is 95% of the previous Months FCA average and LTL is 60% of the Radiant wheels calculated TL fuel.

Example Fuel Calculation as follows

Current Months TL FSC = [ Average of Previous Months TL FCA ] * 0.95

Current Months LTL FSC = [ Radiant Wheels Current Calculated TL Fuel ] * 0.60

Effective Date LTL FSC% TL FSC%
April 18.9% 31.4%
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